What is a Child Speech Sound Disorder?

A child who has trouble saying sounds clearly and being understood by others may have a speech sound disorder. Most children can say all sounds in English by the time they are 8 years old or entering 2nd grade. Children who can’t say sounds by an expected age may need help. Our Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in helping kids correct speech sound errors and improve their communication skills to find success.

For more information on Speech Sound Disorders

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  • Trouble making sounds.
  • Substituting another sound.
  • Leaving sounds out.
  • Adding or changing sounds.
  • Learning the correct way to make sounds.
  • Learning to tell when sounds are right or wrong.
  • Practicing sounds in different words.
  • Practicing sounds in longer sentences.
  • Increasing strength and coordination of muscles used for speech.
  • Developmental disorder, like autism.
  • Genetic syndrome, like Down syndrome.
  • Hearing loss, from ear infections or other causes.
  • Brain damage, like cerebral palsy or a head injury.