What is Apraxia

of Speech?

Apraxia is a motor speech disorder that makes it hard to speak. If you have apraxia of speech, you will have problems saying sounds correctly.  We have Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in treating Apraxia.

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Visit The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association at https://www.asha.org/public/speech/disorders/Apraxia-of-Speech-in-Adults/

  • -Can cause you to say something different than what you mean.
  • -You may even make up words.
  • -You may say things that don’t make sense.
  • -Trouble imitating sounds.
  • You may know that what you say is wrong and try to fix it.
  • Sometimes you will get it right, but sometimes you will still say something else.
  • Damage to the parts of the brain that control how muscles move.
  • Stroke or traumatic brain injury
  • Dementia
  • Brain tumors
  • Brain diseases that worsen over time.