Your Accent Says

A Lot About You

Your accent can say a lot about your background and where you are from. You may be very proud of your accent. However, accents can sometimes make it hard for you to talk with other people. People may not understand your accent. You may get frustrated because you have to repeat yourself a lot. People may focus more on your accent than on what you say.

These problems can make work, school, or other activities harder. You may feel that if you had a different accent, you would be able to talk to people more easily. You may decide that you want to change your accent, a little bit or a lot.

For More Information on Accent Modification

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  • Regional
  • National Origin
  • Accents are natural
  • Accents are NOT a speech disorder
  • Assessment with a speech-language pathologist.
  • Categorize communication problems.
  • Set goals with a speech-language pathologist.
  • Work with the speech-language pathologist alone or in a small group.
  • Those whose accent makes life harder
  • People who speak English as a second language.
  • People who want to change their regional accent.
  • Professionals doing it for work.
  • Insurance companies will not pay for accent modification.
  • An accent is not a speech or language disorder.
  • Discuss with your speech-language pathologist.
  • about payment options.