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We Offer Evaluations For The Following:

Occupational Therapy


Early Intervention (birth to 3 years of age)

Feeding and Oral Motor Skills

Consultation on Child and Adolescent Nutrition

Developmental Motor Coordination

Assessment of Motor and Process Skills (AMPS)

Sensory Processing, Cognitive Processing and Executive Function

Visual Perceptual and Visual Motor Skills

Concussion Evaluation and Management

Handwriting and Fine Motor Skills

Concussion Assessment (IMPACT program)

Speech and Language


Early Intervention (birth to 3 years of age)

Evaluation of feeding, swallowing and oral motor skills

Evaluation of Dysphagia (pediatrics and adults)

Evaluation of speech  and oral apraxia

Evaluation of Articulation (speech sound production)

Evaluation of fluency (stuttering)

Evaluation of tongue thrust

Evaluation of voice and voice disorders

Evaluation of Dysarthria

Evaluation for Accent Modification

Evaluation for Functional Communication &/or assistive technology

Evaluation of receptive and expressive language impairments/delays.

Evaluation of social language impairments/delays

Evaluation of literacy (reading, writing, comprehension, and spelling)

Evaluation of dyslexia

Evaluation for executive dysfunction

Evaluation for cognitive function including memory and recall

Evaluation for auditory processing

Evaluation for cognitive skills

Screening for autism

Physical Therapy


Evaluation of core, upper and lower body strength

Evaluation of motor planning and coordination

Evaluation of balance, movement and mobility

Durable Medical Equipment Assessments