Does your child have a hard time speaking?

It could be Apraxia, a motor speech disorder. It can take a lot of work for a child to learn to improve how they speak but there is help. Apraxia may cause you to say something very different than what you meant to say. This can be very frustrating for the child. We have Speech-Language Pathologists who specialize in treating Apraxia and can work with you and your child to find success and reach their goals.

For more information on Apraxia

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Signs under age 3
  • Late saying first words.
  • Says only a few different sounds.
  • Has a hard time imitating sounds
  • Struggles to put sounds together.
  • Long pauses between sounds.
  • May have problems eating.
Risk factors
  • Language delay.
  • Problems with fine motor skills, like drawing, writing, or picking up small things.
  • May be sensitive to to how things feel in his/her mouth, like food or a toothbrush.
  • Problems learning to read, spell, and write.
Signs over age 3
  • Doesn’t say words the same every time.
  • Can understand better than he/she can talk.
  • Problems imitating what others say.
  • Trouble with longer words or when nervous.
  • New people can’t understand him or her.
  • Sounds choppy or flat.